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Wolf Ridge Ranch Pygmy Goats
Joy L. Rogerson, BA, Animal Science
Texas A & M, “Class of 2003” (254) 723-4940 
P O Box 66, Reagan, TX 76680 
Website: http://WolfRidgeRanch.com 
Email: WolfRidgeRanch1@aol.com 

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Purchasing Pygmy Goats for Breeding:
By Joy L. Rogerson, BA, Animal Science

Many people contact me throughout the year and tell me they are want to purchase a pair of pygmy goat kids, a little male (buckling) and a little female (doeling.) They want to raise them as babies and then have kids later of their own. Unfortunately, this is not really possible…

Pygmy Bucks or Bucklings sexually mature at 3-4 months old. They start urinating on their own face, chest and front legs and drink their own urine. This is called “Rutting.” It is for the male to attract females and many species to this, even Deer. (This is why most people want wethers, castrated males, as pets.) Some bucklings can breed and sire kids at very early ages. They are very prolific, so they need to be kept separate from younger does and even their dam (mom.) after they are weaned around 8-12 weeks old.

Does Should NOT be bred before they are 16 months- 2 years old!!!! Even though, Pygmy goat doelings can start their estrous cycle (Heat) at about 4-6 months old they MUST have time to mature so their skeletal structure in the pelvis area can grow to an adult size. (It would be like an 8 year old girl having a baby.)

If younger does are bred too soon, they can have a problems kidding (having babies) because they have the small compact bodies, the pelvis area is too small and the kids sometimes grow too large in the womb and do not fit through the birth canal. They get stuck and CAN NOT physically come out and as a result both mother and kids can die.

Another problem with having a young doeling around a buck or buckling is his smell of the young buck can cause her to cycle (every 21 days) and she will usually scream day & night for about 2-3 days like a female cat, due to her wanting to be bred. (Remember, this will be for almost 2 years that you will have to keep them apart!!!) 

Bucks Need Secure Area: It is very important that bucks or bucklings be kept physically separated in a sound, solid fence that they can not jump or knock down. Bucks can hit something with their head at about 200 lbs of force. I have seen them knock down a fence to get to females. 

All my bucks are kept in a ˝ acre lot away from all females. They have several hotwires running across the bottom fence line and the gate to their pen is chained to keep them safely away from any trouble they may want to get into... 

If you want to breed Pygmy Goats You Could: 

1. Find an older doe around 2-2 ˝ years old that has already had kids and purchase a young buckling. Just remember…..baby pygmy goat bucklings can and will breed their mother if they are left in the same pen after they are older then 12 weeks. They should be weaned and removed by this time. So if the doe has little bucklings-be prepared. 

2. Or you can get 2 pygmy goat doelings and raise them as pets. When they are 16 mos-2 yrs old find a Buck and breed them or find someone that will let you purchase stud service and you will not have to deal with the problems that can go along with having a buck around the farm. 

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