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Profiting With Goats. Struggling Economy Opens Up Opportunities For Dairy Goats
By Rick M.

Recently I came upon a community newsletter with a story about goats in the city. Since I'm always on the lookout for new and creative ways of using or marketing goats it immediately grabbed my attention.

It's no secret that due to the economy people are looking even harder at ways of becoming more self sufficient.  Things like more vegetable gardens within city limits, chickens and yes.. goats.

However, one urban community took things a step further by forming a Co-op. This is where members in the community share ownership of caring for the chickens, vegetable gardens and the goats. More specifically, miniature dairy goats. You see they all share in the milking of the goats, making cheese and even selling raw milk to the community.

It seems that city and county governments are easing regulations on keeping goats in urban areas. I know that in my own town goats are allowed with the stipulation that they were under 150 pounds each and you could have no more than three.

Of course you would want to do a little research about what your city or county will allow in regard to keeping goats within the urban boundaries.

Just looking at this scenario opens up a wide range of potential opportunities of profiting with goats or your knowledge of them. I can assure you that as time moves forward there are going to be more and more folks who will be jumping on the bandwagon of self sufficiency.

Now, if you ever wanted exposure for your goat business this also presents a terrific opportunity to get some free and not to mentioned high powered exposure. The reason being is because TV, radio and newspapers absolutely love these kind of stories.

Here's a few ideas to get the creative thought process going when thinking about this opportunity:
  • Sell dairy goats to those living in Urban areas.
  • Use your knowledge of dairy goats to become a paid consultant to help in the setup, care and management of them.
  • Provide dairy goat related products to them. ie., affordable goat milking systems, items relate to making cheese, etc.

Really the sky's the limit as you can carve your own path in this niche market of profiting with goats.







Profiting With Goats

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