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Article & Photo reprinted 
with permission from the 
 International Kiko Goat Association

Kiko Goats Description

In the 1970ís a group of New Zealand ranchers got together in order to develop a new meat goat. They were known as Goatex Group Limited out of Christchurch, New Zealand. They captured several thousand feral goats for crossbreeding for two main characteristics of survivability and weight gain. 

They had no shelter and no assistance was given during kidding. No hooves were trimmed and minimal parasite control was given. Through successive generations of controlled breeding and rigorous culling, a small goat population emerged that consistently yielded superior growth 
and performance characteristics. This unique goat population was named the Kiko breed. 

The development of the Kiko breed in New Zealand focused on production of goat meat with minimal intervention from the breeder. The Kiko has shown to have a higher degree of parasite resistance / resilience as well as lower incidence of hoof problems and respiratory problems. 

The Kiko is an aggressive browser, very hardy and is low maintenance. The Kiko basically can take care of itself if given plenty of acreage and a variety of plants to eat. Kiko kids grow rapidly and come in an assortment of colors. 

Research conducted at Tennessee State University and Fort Valley State University in Georgia has shown that the Kiko is demonstrating outstanding performance, especially in the southeastern U.S. The evidence suggests that the Kikoís performance can actually improve through scientific performance-based breeding programs that continue to practice disciplined culling. 

The Kiko is being used to cross with other breeds of meat goats and is fast becoming the number 1 meat goat for crossbreeding. The Kiko has proven itself in many different environments. There are Kiko breeders in Alaska and California to Canada and Mexico and even in the Caribbean. 

 The Kiko is growing in popularity. In February 2004 the International Kiko Goat Association ( IKGA ) was formed to advance and preserve the breed. The IKGA is a member-focused association which recognizes the Kiko breed with a fullblood classification in its registry. 

Kiko Goats

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