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Protecting Yourself From Goat Scams:
By Rick M.

It never ceases to amaze one at the great lengths that people will go to in order to cheat someone out of their hard earned money.  Putting your  information into any kind of advertising media can make you prone to scammers trying to take your money.  

Unfortunately, classified ads of all kinds are prime hunting grounds for scammers.  Does this mean that you should turn around and high tail it away from classifieds?

The answer is simply no.  If everyone one uses a little common sense and arms themselves with a little knowledge, using classified ads is a viable means of promoting and selling products and services.

Below you will find actual messages which goat sellers have received from these scammers.  Although the following scams pertain to goats the scenario can be used for a wide range of products or services listed in classified ads. Reading through them you will notice that most of them have a common theme.

Spread The Word To Fellow Goat Breeders 

You can help combat these scams by making other breeders aware of them.  You can place a link to this page on your website or as a part of your signature line on your email messages.


Copy & Paste The following link into your webpage.


Help Others From Falling Victim To Goat Scams
Submit A Scam

Banks Will  Often Cash Fake Checks And Then 
Hold You Responsible! 

  • Never accept Postal money orders, Cashiers Checks or use Western Union or Money Gram.

  • Use caution when someone says they are an animal broker acting on behalf of their client.

  • Never send money or a product (including goats) to anyone until their check or money order has cleared the bank.

  • Be cautious from anyone outside the USA wanting to buy goats.


Scenario Of A Common Goat Scam

The major goat scam that we keep seeing and hearing about is someone from Europe sending a check or money order for more than the amount agreed upon.  Although there seems to be a few different versions of this, basically the scams have the same tone to them and are easily identified once you are aware of it.

How it works is the scammer (goat broker) tells you that a customer is ready to buy one of your goats.  You contact the scammer telling them what you have available and the cost.  The scammer then responds to you by saying his customer is sending a postal money order that includes his fee or that the client actually overpaid.  The scammer wants you to deposit his customers check and then wire them a check for their fee.

Hence, you wire money to the scammer only to find out that the check or postal money order you deposited was no good.  What can make this even worse is that they may even grossly over pay you and suggest that you keep a portion of the overpaid amount for the inconvenience.

Here's Actual Emails From GoatFinder Users About Goat Scams:

Goat Scam #1 - This an entire correspondence with a scammer.

GoatFinder, Please pass this on to all your members. I want everyone to be aware of this scam.

Since January I have received several emails from a Ronald Koeman. He said he was from Switzerland and was interested in purchasing fainting goats to start a herd on his farm. At first I declined to communicate with him but after a couple of emails I sent him my website and he picked out three goats that he wanted to purchase. I priced them to him and he said that his contact would be getting in touch with me to make arrangements for the pickup. The week of February 19th I received an overnight Fed Ex with a cashierís check written on a band in Texas for $3900. The Fed Ex was sent from Alexandria, VA with a phone number and a mailing address. The next day I received this emailÖ.

Hi Larry,

Thanks for confirming the reciept of the payment. With this all the necessary arrangements as regards the pick up can commence..

Now that you have the payment, you are to deduct the sum of $750.00 being the cost of the goats , while the sum of $200.00 should be set aside as the cost of vet checks and tests..
You are to make the sum of $2650.00 available via Western union to the representative coming over for the pick up...he's to get all the necessary export papers and make the flight arrangements to get the goats down here...

Kindly use the information below in geting the funds across to the representative .

Name; Kosoko Ajibiogo
Addres; 83, Edwards Lane,
E1 8JP

You are to get back to me with the following information after you might have made the funds available to him..

I knew immediately that this was a hoax. I called my attorney and he told me to hold on to the check and what ever I did, not to sign anything. I contacted the bank in Texas and they verified that the check was counterfeit and I was one of the fortunate ones. Many had been foolish enough to cash the check and sent the balance to the guy in England. Unfortunately since they had innocently signed the cashierís check they were bound to pay the money when the check bounced. I also called the number on the Fed EX note and the young lady who answered said she had received about 40 phone calls from people who had received checks. Unfortunately, she said that several had cashed the check and lost all the money. She didnít know how they got her number, but she had alerted Fed EX and they were investigating. I have also sent an email to the Treasury Department and Englandís Yahoo account. Yahoo has since notified me and want copies of all his emails, which I have saved. I am also going to notify the FBI. 

I would hate for some other Goat Farmer to get involved in this mess. Please pass this information on to everyone on your distribution list to alert them of this scam. Since they have my address, I have purchased Identity Theft insurance so that if they use my name, at least I will be covered. 

Koemanís email address is ronald koeman [jury_ronald@yahoo.com]. If anyone should get an email from this fruit cake, beware.

Goat Scam #2

Dear goatfinders:  We think you need to know that we have received several responses to our ad.  Unfortunately all of the responses have been from scam artists trying to get us to take phony money orders from England.  One wanted us to take a money order for more than the purchase price and send him the balance.  They claim to want us to send our goats to England.  We could see they were scams right away but there may be other of your advertisers that fall for the scams.  Why they have zeroed in on goat sellers I can't imagine.  Beware!

Goat Scam #3

I have recently been contacted by someone posing as a buyer from London. They contacted me first thru a operator for the hearing impaired. Then they wanted to send a cashiers check that turned into a check to print and it was for $3000 more than the sell price of my goat. I was to wire the balance to a shipping company. 

I have recently found out that all this was a scam. It is a take off of the Nigerian Internet scam. You can find it all over the internet. I hope there is some way to let all the people at goat finder about this. I am sure I am not the only one. We have alerted the proper authorities. Luckily we figured it out before we got scammed out of the $3000.

This Goat Scam was actually sent to GoatFinder.com


i am mailing you to let you know that one of my customers is very 
much interested in purchasing your goat which is posted for £50.00.
Please get back to me with the name and contact address which payments 
can be sent to, my customer would gladly issue out a postal check as 
soon as i hear from you.

You would also be forwarding any excess funds on the money order to me 
via western union money transfer, the excess funds on the payment would 
be fees for other purchases and also my profit on this transaction. If 
you have the item in stock and also want to do business with me please 
reply my email with the name and contact address for payments and a phone 
number to reach you so we can proceed. thank you

Protect Yourself.. Always Question Things That Seem Out Of The Norm






Goat Scams - Classified Ad Scams

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