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Goat Milking Machines For The Small Farm Or Hobbyist

If you are someone who just enjoys milking a couple of goats then going out and spending a ton of money on a commercial goat milker is most likely out of the question.

If you have the money to spend there are a few manual goat milkers available on the market and they can range in price from $75 to as much as $150. 

With a little research you'll quickly learn that these goat milking machines are extremely simple, work off of the same principle and can be easily put together at a fraction of the cost with parts from your local hardware store. 


The components for a goat vacuum milking system consists of a small manual vacuum pump, hoses, teat cup, a couple of fittings and a container... and that's it.  

The goat vacuum pumps can be found in automotive stores, amazon.com or just Google small vacuum hand pumps.  

The teat cups used are mainly large syringes with catheter tips where the plunger has been removed.

Typically, there are two hoses coming from the container. One hose goes to the vacuum pump and the other hose goes to the teat cup.

When the vacuum pump is pumped it (sucks the air out) of the goat milk container, creating a vacuum (suction) drawing the milk from the goat via the teat cup into the goat milk container.



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