The Ideal Goat Milking Machine For The Small Farm Or Hobbyist

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Makes Milking FUN.. EASY & SAFE
So Easy To Build And Use That Even An 8 Year old Can Do It!

Goat Milk Machine


  • No Kicked Over Or Stepped In Buckets

  • Closed System

  • No Hair & Dirt In Milk

  • No Motors /Electricity

  • Variety Of Animals

  • Eases Fidgety Goats

  • Helps Painful Hands

  • Simple & Safe To Use

  • Makes Milking Fun!


From the desk of:

Rick McCoy
re: closed system milking machine

Hello Friend,

If you have been around milk goats for any amount of time then you know what a hassle it can be at times milking the old fashion way. Of course we're talking about milking goats by hand and using a good ole fashion milk bucket. 

Well you'll be pleased to know that there is a simple milking system that makes milking a lot easier and a heck of a lot more comfortable. This system is called a "closed system" milking machine. What's really great about this type of milking machine is that it can help put an end to painful tired hands, kicked over or stepped in milk buckets and eliminate the need to strain milk to get dirt and hair out. 

When you're done milking you simply swap the custom lid on the milk jar with a regular one and put the jar of milk right in the fridge. It's as close as you can get going straight from the teat to the fridge. 

Building Your Own Machine Is Super Easy

Folks, it doesn't take rocket science to build this milking machine.  In fact if you know how to use 3 simple tools and can drill 2 small holes.. You can build this goat milking machine.


It's so easy that even an 8 year old built one in less than 20 minutes.. right from his dining room table.


How A "Closed System" Goat Milking Machine Works

The way it works is there are two hoses attached to the milk container. One hose with the teat cup attaches to the animals teat while the other hose goes to the hand vacuum pump. Once everything is attached the entire unit becomes air tight so once you start pumping the vacuum pump it removes the air from the system which creates suction. This in turn pulls the milk from the animal.

The milk flows directly from the teat right into the sealed milk container. If you were using the traditional method of hand milking into a bucket the milk is exposed to the elements such as dirt and hair. Oh and let's not forget being prone to being stepped in or kicked over. 

To put it simply, a closed system milking machine is a totally self contained system where the milk is never exposed to the outside elements during the milking process.  

Ultimate Ease And Comfort During Milking

For those who experience or are prone to discomfort in their hands, shoulders or lower back while hand milking, you will find this milking system especially appealing. Using it does not confine you to one position during milking. It allows you to sit in almost any position making it easier and more comfortable during the milking process. 

Once the system is in use it becomes almost hands free requiring just a pump here and there to keep the milk flowing. You can even wear gloves on those chilly mornings and still enjoy your favorite hot beverage while your animal is being milked!


Is This Milking Machine Really Safe?

The answer is yes. This system utilizes a hand vacuum pump that has a gauge and a relief valve. The gauge is used for maintaining a safe vacuum range so that there isn't an excessive amount of suction. The relief valve enables you to relieve the suction periodically during milking so that the teat is not kept open continuously. 

While this milking machine is primarily used on goats it can be used on a wide variety of animals such as sheep, cows, donkeys, horses and even dogs for milk or collecting colostrums. 

Building Your Own Milking Machine 
You An Arm And A Leg

As simple and inexpensive as this milking system is to build , what seems to hold most people back is that they don't quite know what type of parts are needed or where to get them. Because of this many folks end up spending upwards of a $150 purchasing a complete milking system online at retail price. 

Now we don't want to discourage you from purchasing a complete system. If you can afford to dish out up to $150 by all means buy one at retail because they really do work.  However, if you want to save some hard earned dollars by building your own milking machine, just take a look at the chart below to see how few parts you need and how much you can really save. 

We know that for the average person it can takes hours and hours of researching online to find the right parts. Let's not forget the cost of buying parts with the hope that they are going to work. 

That's why we have the DIY Goat Milking Machine Guide. This guide will literally save you a ton of frustration and put you on the fast track to easily assembling your own milking machine.


Inside This Simple Step By Step Guide To 
Building A Milking Machine You'll Learn:

  1. Easy detailed steps to guide you along through the process.

  2. Illustrations/images demonstrating simple steps.

  3. Complete list of required parts w/item description.

  4. Locations of where to conveniently get parts.

  5. How to use the milking machine.

  6. How to care for your milking machine

*Also Includes How To Build A Double Milker
Milk 2 Teats At The Same Time!



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